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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 15, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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"eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao will bring us live report with the latest. but first lets check traffic ape weather together with katie and vittoria. >> good morning, ukee. a very quiet day underway in the delaware valley. we have high pressure in place
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briefly. cold front to follow another area of high pressure and a new storm. it is still an active weather pattern but for now it is nice and quiet over to you. i can mimic that on the roads traveling out and about on the majors it is very nice and hopefully stays this way for as long as possible. the a as we look at 422, there are in problems east and westbound. we are still waiting in the wings of rush hour and you never know traffic can always change. we will have a full report in a few minutes, ukee. thanks very much. updating our breaking news a water department worker is injured while trying to get control of the major water main break in northeast philadelphia. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live where water has been gushing since 7:00 last night and it is still going, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have seen quite a few breaks over the past week alone, throughout philadelphia, after all it is that time of the year but nothing quite like this. you can see here in northeast philadelphia that water is
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still shooting over tree tops there. this main broke at 7:00 last night as you mentioned, water crews work hours to get a fix in place but could not but we're told they will be back on the scene at 8:00 this morning. this main break looked more like a geyser at grant a avenue and blue grass road. water was shooting 200 feet in the air. the philadelphia water department says the 10-inch main is a fire service connection so no water service has been impacted to customers in the area. that is good news. crews were working on the problem here for nearly five hours last night, one worker was injured and taken to the hospital but in stable condition. because working conditions became unsafe at the scene crews had to stop for the the night, you can tell they are running into some problems. >> concern wise, we are trying to get this shut off as quickly as we can and we are trying to maintain water services in case we have to turn other volume varies off to find the proper lex for this valve.
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>> reporter: chopper three was over the scene last night. you can see it is a sight to see here in northeast philadelphia, again, good news is no water customers are impact. we continue to search for a cause of the water main break and those crews will be back on the scene at 8:00 this morning. we are reporting live from northeast philadelphia jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 53:00 36789 lets toss it over to kate which that forecast. >> it is a quiet one at least initially. we will expect to see some sun, mixing with clouds as well and typical winter chill but no major win issues in storms to track at least not the for now. so this is what i have been calling the vanilla forecast, good forecast because nothing really outstanding bit. let go outside and we will show you sky cam three, as we throw current conditions overtop and then notice the wind has dropped off, it is not muggy outside not that it will feel that way in the middle of winter but 30 degrees is your current temperature moving forward in the forecast as temperatures will climb another five to
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10 degrees at any given location. here's how it feels right now. we just saw it is 30 at the airport but feels 5 degrees colder. the is there still a wind but very modest. you will only see those feels like values knock off by again maybe 5 degrees or so, nothing huge there. it will not be a significant difference. storm scan three as you might imagine is empty just radar alone not showing anything at all but when you throw satellite overtop there is a couple cloud. the those will thin. we will get in on sunshine. we are looking to a decent day, day that absolutely will require your heavier winter coat as we are getting very used to that idea. but, it is not terribly windy. you are not hugging that entire heavy coat behause we are dealing with vicious wind chills. nothing like. that it is just tranquil outside. looking a head to the second half of the weekend. we have a nice quiet couple days up here. by sunday a a new coastallal storm is set to develop so we will have more details on what the initial thinking is on that particular system, and
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looking ahead to the holiday that storm will be clearing out but cold will make a come back vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. if you are traveling right now on the majors, it is great outside. we are waiting for rush hour to affect us but as of right now at 5:35 as katie was talking about how beautiful tranquil the weather is we can say road are tranquil it is very serene and quiet. traveling on 422, in delays in either direction east abe westbound commute is great usually during rush hour we will see eastbound side of 422, pick up heat out of the area have of oaks down toward 202 but not just yet again it is still great. traveling on the 42 freeway same story switching gears from pennsylvania ahead into new jersey no problems northbound. it does seem to me that we are starting to see headlights out and about in the northbound direction. we will see a delay on the northbound side of 42 during rush hour approaching creek road making your way down toward the walt whitman brink
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bridge and even 55 but we are still waiting for. that we are still waiting for accident investigation to clear out of the way northbound side of route 31 in hopewell, new jersey. this accident has been fatal and they have been blocking lanes in that area if you are traveling in this area try to a avoid it if you you can, ukee. vittoria, thank you. our time 5:36. another push from president obama for mandatory paid sick days. >> plus a popular ice cream maker is adding to its menu. jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. good morning jill. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and nicole. president obama is trying to get american workers paid sick days n a post on link in his senior advisory valerie jared says president will call on congress to require companies to give workers up to seven paid sick days a year. according to jared, 43 million americans in the private sector get no paid sick leave. if you have questions
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about your tax these year the the irs may not be able to help. congress cut the irs budget to lowest levels since 1998 and irs watch dog says only half of the hundred million people who are expect to call the agency this year will be able to reach someone and tax refunds could be delayed. here on wall street weak numbers honorary tail sales in december sent stocks lower yesterday, dow jones dropped 186 points and the nasdaq fell 22 points. and here's something for your sweet tooth, ben and jerry's launched three new flavors in the core line up boom chocolate, peanut buttah and spectacular cookie core. so ever wonder why they release new flavors in the middle of winter? ben and jerry's tells bloomberg so consumers can be familiar with the flavors by summer and gives people a reason to buy ice cream when it is cold out. ukee and nicole.
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>> boom chocolate. >> and peanut buttah. >> vanilla rocky road boom chocolate. >> yes i'm hungry over here. >> thanks, jill. 5:38. search continues for a burglary suspect who targeted a southwest philadelphia a church. surveillance captured the bandit on the half move on the 1600 block of elmwood avenue. that man broke through a side window at straight gate church december 13th and took copper piping and plumbing tools. police tell us that the church is under renovation. >> the church is good for the community. they are renovating the church to bring people together. we have people taking advantage. >> stolen copper is valued at $3,000. the suspect was driving a dark suv. if you can identified him you are asked to call police. family and friend gathered for a emotional service to remember a hero philadelphia police officer killed in the line of duty. this comes as her convicted killer is granted a reprieve
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on death row. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones has details from mt. airy. >> reporter: loretha vaird was the first female philadelphia police officer killed in the line of duty she was gunned down during a botched bank robbery in 1996. wednesday night the four three-year old mother of two was remembered her brother was among those in the crowd at mt. airy church of god and christ. >> i miss her, my whole family misses her dearly. >> reporter: christopher rooney known as cool c was recently granted a stay of execution after governor tom corbett signed his execution warrant in november. the 44 year-old was convicted, sentenced to death in 1997. vaird's brother says he is a forgiving person but still to this day clearly struggles with the emotions surrounding his sister's convicted killer. >> it is tough but i'm supposed to forgive. i'm supposed to be forgive being a christian. >> reporter: have you for
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given him. >> it is hard very, very hard. >> reporter: vaird is remembered as someone who had a position for helping others, philadelphia police as well as abington and septa police who attended the memorial which also served to honor law enforcement. >> in the day and age which we're in where all of the people in this uniform are under fire it is nice to see folks take time out of the their day to show their gratitude. >> reporter: rooney maintains his innocence. vaird's brother contend he has mixed emotion about whether or not he thinks the rapper should be executed. in mt. airy, todd quinones cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up on "eyewitness news" this morning a pair of americans climb their way in to the record books, a look at the incredible journey of two men who scaled a 3,000-foot wall. plus dramatic r rescue you caught on camera after a dog plunges in the upon, see where it happened and how fast fire fighters managed to pull that pup to safety. we will be right back.
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water crews say they will be back a at the scene of this
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geyser at 8:00 this morning. water main fire service connection burst at grant avenue and blue grass road in northeast philadelphia sending water more than a hundred feet into the air. it is still going. one water department worker was injured. authorities removed the daughter of murder suspect kyle crosby from his parent's home last night. the crosby is accused in the murder of his wife erika crippen. crippen has been missing for two weeks. 5:43. time for traffic and weather together. good morning katie. >> we will check in with our weather watcher network and look at the temperatures that have been recorded around the region. it is very very uniform generally we've got 25, 26, 27 degrees a few out liars around the region as a whole but this is a very much just again uniform across the board here. we will take you out to the list in nottingham, pa, fran sent in 24. twenty-five from keith in sailorsberg, charles in bath, gilbertsville, 25. west chester 26. it is just 27, 27, 27 27.
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chilly start to the day. we are not seeing any major difference around the region from the mountains to the shore points. it is quiet. we have a couple cloud here and there the lets go next to storm scan and show you why this is all happening the way it is. we had a system. you can see cloud cover associated with that pulling away but in its wake a weak dome is building in. wider zoom, if you look closely you can trace the cloud cover just on the leading edge of the next frontal boundary. there is a system that will stay to the south. but eventually what will happies both pieces of energy move east and as they do we will end up it looks like here with another little blast of cold. especially leading in the upcoming weekend. lets take a look at cold shots coming our way from the polar depths up in the arctic. the here's greenland. down here where we are. notice asthma gent a, pinks and purple dip south. we will get a new one with our
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next coastal storm set to develop by sunday. and then in the wake colder abrams in and then there is another one that will dig in just a little deeper here across the midwest and head our way, further down the road. so, that is the general synopsis. we will in the see any prolonged, deep spells of arctic cold anytime soon but we are going to stay on the chilly side. modest warming trend leading up to sunday but that is also the day that storm takes shape, initially as we start with clouds, rain as early as the afternoon potentially ending with snow into early machine but i do think skies will be clearing out in time formatter inn luther king day of service, vittoria over to you. good morning everyone. traveling on our majors it is still beautiful out there, no signs of the rush hour just yet. we are seeing a few more vehicles jumping on the roadways but only in certain areas, not on 202. traveling on 202 around the schuylkill, right across the street from the king of prussia mall, one of my favorite places if you are traveling in either direction around this area you are free
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and clear but mall is not open yet, silly but we have to wait it out. traveling ben franklin bridge in delays in either direction. we are looking great in all bridges. tacony pal will my use bridge was opened. back down to normal. seventy-three has now not been reopen. lets look at is what happening 95 north bound and give you the the latest update. what we have received all of our information sources as well as investigated this ourselves, on the north bound side of 95 there was a fatal crash as we were talking about in the open at route three # in hopewell, new jersey. they were investigating this situation. they were blocking a few lanes. we have word it had has been cleared and all lanes have been reopened but would i say still try to avoid that area if you can, give it a few in minutes to completely clear out and get back to normal. don't forget when on the road get updated information about traffic backups with the new your drive app. down load that app for iphone and android by going to cbs drive.
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two climbers make history reaching top of the yesemite el captain. tommy cold well and kevin jordanson popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate. they free climbed this nearly flat section, known as the dawn wall. they spent 19 days scaling 3,000-foot granite wall. they pulled themselves up by using their hand and feet. safety ropes were there to catch them in case of a fall. president obama tweeted his congratulations saying you remind us that anything is possible. caught on camera fire fighters rescued a dog that fell in the partially frozen pond. it happened yesterday in massachusetts about 30 miles west of boston. fire fighters responded to the call of the talk in the water and they wasted no time, two minutes after they spotted the struggling k-9 they pulled it safely to sure. >> thank goodness. >> 5:47. when cold air moves in home owner slip into
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hibernation mode and don't think about renovations or home maintenance but in this weeks angie's list report jim donovan says this could be a good time of the year to get work done around the house and save money. >> reporter: if you have been putting off that bathroom or kitchen remodel new may be time to do it because winter is off season for contractors. >> so they are in the as busy, potentially will get savings because they will have work that they want to do. >> reporter: easier scheduling hiring a contractor in the off season can lead to big savings on products. you can often avoid price increases, that typically happen in the spring for items like lumber, windows and doors. winter is also a good time to hire a exterminate or to keep unwanted pest. >> this time of the year as all the berries and fields have been plowed the rodent activity increases quite a bit. your suburbs area will notice an increase in your mouse calls that are coming in. >> reporter: along with ceiling up windows and doors
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experts recommend replacing your mulch with rock because mulch hold on to moisture which attracts bugs. >> in your yard you will eliminate your insects. >> reporter: if you need trees trims, it is good time to do it. >> most people think of tree trimming in the spring and summer but winter is a great time of the the year because trees are dormant and for the experts they are able to get a unobstruct view of the tree and see where they want to trim. >> reporter: ask the company about any debris, will they remove it or are you responsible forgetting rid of it. for more advice visit cbs's list. i'm jim donovan. 5:49. have have you ever thought to yourself wal-mart has everything. >> okay, okay. >> some people have have, and that includes one woman. find out how long she in managed to live inside that store before the workers got there and talk her down. >> lived in the store. >> apparently so. >> we can't make this stuff up. >> clean up aisle three.
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>> but first here's is what coming up on cbs-3. norwegians are free to do everything under the sun. free to cruise at their own speed... free to explore their own way... free to discover a new world of taste... free to smile wider... applaud louder... free to live fuller, deeper, and closer... that's how you cruise like a norwegian. ♪ cruise like a norwegian ♪
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a woman makes a temporary home out of the wal-mart. >> she was at grand blank michigan for two days until workers caught her sleeping in the rear of the store. woman had been staying with her son until he kick her out of her house because she had a drinking problem. that is when she went to wal-mart. >> it is a big store, it is opened 24 hours, and she kind of, since the size of it got lost in the mix. >> her son had picked her up at the the police station and wal-mart spokesperson says the company takes security of the stores very seriously and this incident did not put customers in jeopardy. >> it is a sad story. >> you feel bad.
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>> hopefully she will get some help. coming up at 5:53. lets send it over to katie for weather. >> good morning quiet day, a week area of high pressure is building in place. we will not have too much wind or a ton of sunshine we've got some cloud out the there right now, but thin, some sun and it will stay chilly as we look at storm scan three. quiet start. no precipitation and with high pressure we have got some cloud but it is a tranquil start to the day, in the mid-atlantic region. temperatures we're standing at 30 at the airport. colder around the rest of the region as a whole and coldest spot as is typical in mount pocono. as the the day progresses around the next few days progress we will expect to see that sunshine here. we will, and, high pressure, today we will have a cold front tomorrow. very weak front. no precipitation witt. wind kicks in and high pressure back in action with more sunshine as we head into the upcoming weekend
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vittoria. good morning everyone. traveling on i-95 it seems to be we are starting to see a few more vehicles but we are not seeing full swing rush her delays just yet. this is i-95 southbound around allegheny, north bound i-95 basically in the clear in matter traveling from delaware all the way toward trenton. i-95 looks great but southbound side we are starting to see a little bit of that rush hour develop. if you are traveling on the roosevelt boulevard south bun commute would be headlights in the shot here heading toward schuylkill we are starting to see a few more vehicles but not a full swing rush. usually around 6:15 things will change. we have a water main break in blackwood on east church street between indiana avenue knew and teresa place laake is your best alternate. stay with us good morning we will be right back.
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plus we have new video just in massive crowd in the
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philippines gathered to give the pope a rock star welcome. some riveting video of the police officer breaking down in tears after he shoots an unarmed man to death during a traffic stop. now we a are hearing why he did it, when we come right back.
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no one can do anything to stop this water geyser average leasnot yet. >> lets get to outside to jan carabao live at grant avenue and blue grass road jan, good morning. >> reporter: philadelphia water department tells us that the crews will be back on the scene around 8:00 to get a fix in place. you can see this water is still gushing at this water main break, although the
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collies not as high as it once was this broke around 7:00. here we are at 11 hours later, water crews worked hours to get a fix in place but they he could not. again, they will be around 8:00 o'clock this morning. this main break it looks more like a geyser here at grant avenue and blue grass road. at the height of the break water was shooting 200 feet in the air. the philadelphia water department a says the the 10-inch main is a fire service connection so no water service has been impacted to customers in the area that is good news. crews were working on the problem here for nearly five hours last night and one worker was injured and then taken to the hospital in stable condition. because the working conditions became unsafe at this scene, crews had to stop for the night. you can tell they are running into some problems. >> it has been a challenge fining proper valves and right connection toss this location but we are working as quickly as we can to get shut down.


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